The Road Back Home

About a month ago we had a hitch put on our new Pontiac Montana. We did this at the U-Haul on Ferguson in Dallas and we thought we got a really good deal. The guy said he was giving us some discounts here and there on the labor. Great we thought, this is a blessing! Everything looked good to us. We had no idea there would be problems later. Finally, our trip had arrived and the day before we left we went to pick up the trailer at the U-Haul on Greenville. This is where the problems began.

We first discovered that the electrical parts were not hooked up right. That meant the lights for the trailer would not work the way they were supposed to. This caused a lot of frustration to the people who were trying to hook up our trailer. They were great people and they fixed it for us. After two hours of messing around with the wiring everything was good to go, so we thought. We got the trailer home and my wife and the guys from our life group loaded it up. We were ready to go and in the car by 4:30 Saturday morning! Oh yeah, we were set!

We got about 80 miles down the road to Sulphur Springs, TX when we got out to get some gas and switch drivers. That is when I noticed that we had a problem! Oh dear! The hitch and the trailer were nearly dragging on the ground. “Dallas, we have a problem!” After calling the U-Haul hotline, we had a guy come out, look at it and tell us we had to return to Dallas because he was not able to fix the hitch. He took the trailer to his shop! Oh, by the way, the name of his company was “Thee Shop”! This was pretty awesome and a reminder that we were in God’s hands!

So, we returned to Dallas and after getting all the required receipts together I took the car to the U-Haul on Ferguson to get it fixed. However, they refused. Despite the fact that they installed the entire hitch wrong, the man refused to fix the problem they had caused to my car. This was pretty irritating and by now I was pretty fired up. On my way home, feeling kind of dejected, I was far from ready to admit defeat just yet. I was bound and determined to get back to Ohio. This, I know for a fact, was where God was calling us. I had one more option. You see, the day before, I spent a couple of hours with two men at the U-Haul on Greenville and I found out that they were Christians. Alright, maybe I have a chance to get this thing on the road yet.

Therefore, I prayed on my way over there that he would be there. So, I took the car over there and told him the ordeal I had gone through. He was pretty upset by now too because he had already fixed the one problem with the wiring, now he has to help again free of charge. Not so much this, but he has to fix another one of their problems. Not good for business. At first he wasn’t going to do much but I asked nicely to just have him look at it. He did with some reluctance.

At his first investigation he looked at it and found out that there were two bolts missing. Oh man, this could cause a problem or two trying to haul some stuff! After calling the previous store, he spent the next three hours drilling two holes by hand in the proper places and putting everything together the way it was meant to be. After this, he submitted paper work to get my money refunded to me for all the issues I have been through. This man has been a blessing to us and our ministry.

I left that U-Haul pretty satisfied that God knew what he was doing and reassured that everything was in his hands. I saw how Satan attempted to slow us down and keep us from planning what he obviously does not want to have happen. Then I saw God over-power his schemes and shine through in our time of need. It is not every day that things like this happen, but I believe that God is always ready to answer in our time of need.

We finally made it back home to Ohio, 30+ hours after we originally started out, tired but ready to begin the week full of ministry meetings and more. I knew that no matter what we would face in this week, we had already been through a bunch and knew that God was directing our path here!


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