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familywithkyiahIt has been quite a while since I have posted on here.  Life in general has moved past us so fast that I hardly have had time to sit down and update this website.  But I am looking to change that over the next few weeks and months.  In fact, I am looking to expand on this family website and make it even more than just a family blog.

But first let me share a bit about the current state of our family.  We have grown in number since my last post.  I am not longer just a mom of boys and our beautiful little princess entered the world last August.  She has brought more joy and laughter to our family and the boys absolutely adore her!

As far as the boys go they are now ranging in age from 5 to 9 (almost 10).  I can’ t believe how much they have grown and how much the get into.  The youngest will be starting kindergarten in the fall and the older two will be in 2nd and 5th grades respectively.  It will be downright crazy homeschooling the three of them, along with chasing a movie baby at the time.  But I am looking forward to the challenge.

My work situation has also changed.  I cut my hours in half after the baby was born, so I am only working 20 hours a week now.  I still do all the free-lance design work that I can get my hands on and have been a part of several website redesigns and LARGE print design projects over the past year.  I have also started coaching Varsity basketball at Temple Christian School in Lima, Ohio.

My husband is still working at U.S. Plastics in Lima, though he is now in the marketing department, which means more responsibility.  He also likes the job a whole lot more.  I can’t wait for the day when he gets into “management” (which means I can be at home full-time), but we are continuing to trust God’s timing in this area!

Now for the changes to this site.  I still want to continue to blog, which will be located under the Blog Tab in the menu.  But I am going to work towards my goal to be a full-time mom, only working from home by starting to add crafts and other things for sale on this website and in other online store areas. I will also continue to do free-lance design work, via word of mouth also.

Since I love to make bows now; I am going to try and sell some, along with art, costumes and more in an Etsy shop.  You will be able to see some of the crafts and more under the K.D. Dezine Kidz tab. Also, on the encouragement of my mom, I am going to start publishing some of the unit studies I have been doing with the boys for sale.   These unit studies will be available for sale under the OutSide the Box Ed tab.

I am excited about these opportunities and pray that God will not only use them to continue to bless our family to to be a blessing to yours too.


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