I Love Homeschooling!

pionerWe have just wrapped our 2013-2014 school year and already I am looking forward to the next school year.  I love homeschooling and love sharing in the learning moments with my kids.  I love planning the unit studies we will be doing together this coming year, even as I listen to my boys talk about the things we have studied and learned in the past year.  I love watching them look through the school year book and excitedly talk about all the things they learned.  I love the fact that they love to learn, that it is not a burden for them to go to school.

Many people ask my why I like homeschooling so much.  One of my response, it is because learning is so much fun!  I remember back to when I was homeschooled, at least the last few years of it, and I remember doing large studies on stars, medieval times and so much more.  And when I talk about large, I really mean LARGE.  Just ask my mom, whose living room walls I covered with star maps.  Also ask about the nightly planetarium star shows I gave her and my dad or the lifelike stars I glued all over the ceilings of the bedrooms in the house.  During that study the skies came to life for me and the more I looked at them the more I was amazed by how awesome our God is.

I not only love homeschooling because it makes learning fun, but it also allows us to teach the world and everything in it from a Biblical standpoint.  It allows us to show our children how awesome God’s creation is and especially how awesome God is!  Our God is so great that He spoke the world into existence.  He is so great that he knows the number of all the stars and calls them all by name!

He is so great and yet He cares for each of us so incredibly that He knows and has a plan to fill our needs, even before we know those needs exist.  He loves us so deeply that he knows the number of hairs on our head and he sees our tears and count them too.  The depth of His love for us is AMAZING.  The longer that I serve Him, the more I am drawn to Him.

Just as I was drawn to the awesomeness of God by his creation as a child, I pray that as we learn and do unit studies that my children will also be drawn to God’s awesomeness. I already see this beginning in my kids, who will sit and talk with me about heaven, God’s amazing creation and so much more.  It also excites me to see my son planning a Bible Study to do with his siblings and cousins this Sunday as we celebrate Easter together.  He gets it.

The reason that we live and have life is because of what Christ has done for us.  That amazing gift of love and life that He gave us when He conquered death and the grave.  What is most amazing, that plan was already in place when He spoke the world into existence.  A plan was made for our redemption before man had fallen.  A plan to redeem those who rejected Him.  Amazing, absolutely amazing!

I love homeschooling and seeing my children grow daily in love for their Heavenly Father!  I pray there are many more opportunities for us to praise Him day by day, and who knows, maybe one day they will be the ones sharing these times of learning with their kids.  Thanks mom and dad for beginning this legacy and continuing to show us your love for God and our family daily!  I love you!  Kristin 🙂


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