A New Adventure

I have always loved to do crafty things with my hands.  I used to draw all the time as I was growing up and I would make random items out of scrap pieces of wood.  I can look at something that someone sees as junk and make it into something usable (see pictures of Kyiah’s dresser on Facebook).  I also liked to dabble a bit in sewing (starting after my oldest son was born).

As the years have gone on this crafting has grown.  In fact, since my daughter was born last August, my husband has joked that we should buy stock in Jo-Ann Fabrics, because we would go so often for projects and things I was making for her.  I kept thinking about trying to sell some of the bows I made, but when I looked at my schedule I didn’t know when I would have time to set up a shop or even fulfill orders for that matter.

Well, at the beginning of April all that changed.  We finished up our school year and I found myself with a “ton” of extra time on my hands (yeah right), so I decided to go for it.  I launched a Facebook page and started making hair bows for Easter baskets.  It has been a fun two weeks.  I have learned to make new bows, sold several sets of bows and made quite a few new bows for Kyiah too!

I have had ribbon and stuff laying all over the living room floor (small house, no crafting area), so my husband came up with a design for ribbon holders and has made me two of them.  Even he is getting excited about this starting up!  If nothing else, this will help pay for all my own crafting expenses. LOL.

As more things get going we are going to open and online store.  We would even like to try and attend a few craft shows later this year.  I am very excited about this new opportunity.  Who  knows where this will go, but I thank God for blessing me with the skills and abilities that he has and especially for blessing me with this opportunity.  I will be ecstatic if it leads to the ability to stay home full-time with my kids, but even if it doesn’t, God has blessed us so much and I can’t wait to see where he continues to take us as a family!

I also want to thank my mom and all those, for supporting me in this and encouraging me to try and do this.  We shall see what is ahead and I appreciate all your support and encouragement!  I love you all!!!

Be sure to check out (and Like) my Facebook Page!  I will have more information when our store is set to go live!!!


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