Thank You for the Snow…

My children have taught me a lot over the past 5 years they have been here.  They show me the meaning of sincerity, complete trust and so much more.  They make me think and rethink my relationship with my Heavenly Father by showing me what it truly means to be a child of God.

Last night I began thinking about how the past few days, even their prayers have made me consider my Christian walk.  For the past three weeks, every time we pray Caleb always ends his prayer with ‘Thank you for the snow’.  Something small, something cute, something that really made me ponder starting lasts night.  How many times do I thank God for what seems to be the little things in my life?  How many times do I let the little things bring me such joy?  Do I overlook the blessings because I am so focused on other stuff?

When I was a kid I can remember being totally excited when it would snow.  Oh the fun!  We could sled, build tunnels and forts, snowmen and so much more!  I didn’t care that it was cold outside, that it would make going out treacherous in some instances, snow totally rocked! I remember days of sledding down the hill at my parents farm with all my cousins, and then trudging inside to warm up with a nice cup of cocoa!  Ah, those were the days.

Somehow along the way the ‘snow’ lost its luster.  I still like to see snow on the ground (for Christmas), but beyond that it messes with MY plans.  It makes driving to work, the store, or other places a challenge.  It is really darn cold outside.  I have to shovel the drive, the sidewalks… darn, they just blew shut again.  Oh man, I have to scrape the windshields again this morning.  It takes me until I get to work to warm up in the car.  It is really darn cold inside.  Why is it that the snow has become more of a reason to complain, then enjoy its simple beauty?

I was thinking during the night last night (for some reason sleeping hasn’t been easy lately and my mind has been turning circles over and over the past few weeks during this quiet time) about the blessings of snow.  What if God sends the snow not only to show off his splendor and beauty, but to get us to slow down? How many of us in our lives are so on the go that we totally miss out on the blessings that God has right before us, especially the small things?  I know between work, basketball, school, raising a family and so on, my life is one constant motion.  The things I don’t seem to like about the snow right now are the facts that I have to slow down, driving, preparing to go places, things being canceled due to it and so on.

THOUGHT: The snow causes me to slow down!  To see the world around me differently!  I actually have a beautiful image of God and his grace (his covering) and how I am seen by Him right in front of me and many times I let it slip right by, because it seems inconvenient to me at the time. After all, by GOD’S blood I am made whiter (more beautiful, pure, sparkling, cleaner) than snow!  Snow forces us to slow down when it falls!  It brightens everything (especially when the sun reflects off of it).  It sparkles in the moonlight.  It decorates the trees.  It makes blah winter landscapes beautiful!

It is a picture of a Christian.  We are that blah winter landscape, mucked and gray with sin.  We don’t have any hope in and of ourselves, BUT we have been made clean!  We have been covered by the blood of the Lamb!  We have been made WHITER than snow!  And when the Son reflects off us, we shine to the world around us!  We sparkle, we shimmer, we should stand out so the world sees the difference… they should see Christ in us!

Thank you God for not only making me whiter then snow, but for making the snow, a beautiful example of what you have done for me! Thank you also for my children, who remind me each day not to miss out on Your blessings.   To not take for granted the little things in life!  I know that I will never look at the snow the same way again!  Thank you for the snow, for making me slow down and see you more clearly in my life! Thank you for your Son and for the life that I now have with you because of Him! Amen!!!


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