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One day Caiden asked me, “What do you call a person who fixes computers?”  Caleb responded before I could and yelled, “A NERD!”.  Thanks son.  It has been my life’s desire to be known as a nerd 😉

Caiden saw the bright purple eggplant growing and asked what it was. I told him that was eggplant. His response, “Mom, why did you plant eggs?”

Kyle just asked me if I put Caiden’s ‘saying’ (about the eggplants) online. I said yes. Caleb must have heard something different, because instead of hearing ‘saying’ he responded to daddy’s question by saying, “I’m insane?”. Cracks me up!

On the way home from Ottawa we were trying to keep Caiden awake (so he could sleep at home) so we were asking him to spell stuff… we got to spell Walmart. His response… “W – A – L – star – M – A – R – T”.

On the way home from Ottawa today the boys were saying different words in Spanish… when I asked them “Can you say dog in Spanish?” Caleb yells, “DOG IN SPANISH!”

I asked Caiden this morning what extinct means… as he was about to answer Caleb yelled, “POOP and Keegan’s diaper, IT stinks!”

We were playing go fish last night and Caleb won… after which he jumped up and down and exclaimed, “I beat you up brubber! I beat you up!” :)

My little Mr. Opposite… when asking for a movie for Christmas Caleb was convinced he wanted ‘Down’… now after playing baseball on the wii and Caiden said, ‘Darn, I just got out!” Caleb responded, “Well I just got IN Brubber!”

Ah the joys of potty training and the thrills of success. Upon finally going on the potty (and not in his underwear), Caleb was totally elated, jumped up and yelled.. “Poop! TADA!!!”

When telling Caiden (a very wiggly almost 5 year old) to plant his butt on the seat and not move, I got this response… “I can plant my butt, because it is NOT a seed and there is no dirt MOM”.  Go figure, he would take it literally ;)

Mommy, what do they use to draw your blood? A marker? (Caiden, age 4 –  at lab when I went to get blood work drawn – 2008)

I love BUM print cookies! (Caiden, age 4, after we finished baking THUMBprint cookies the other day)

Mommy, did you know that the baby is developing in your uterus? (Caiden, age 4 – after getting a simple anatomy lesson from Aunt Kara who is currently in med school)

Caiden: ‘Hey mom, did you know that I came from your belly this morning?’  Me: ‘Really, this morning, huh?’ Caiden: ‘No, I mean when I was bored… that is when I came from your belly’ 😉  Born, bored, I guess there is no difference;)

According to Caiden the reason you can’t touch jellyfish… ‘well because you get all STICKY, duh’ ;)

While working outside Caiden & Caleb decided to play ball… one of them threw the ball and it went into the bush… Caiden’s immediately yelled, “Oh no! Now the ball is stuck in the forest!”

Look at the big yellow school butts! – Caiden, age 4 – on the way to basketball practice one evening


A ‘Farty’ Rescue?
Hahaha… My boys crack me up… I asked them what movie they were turning on… Caiden goes “Its a farty rescue”… ‘Farty Rescue?’, I asked… ‘YES! A Farty Rescue.’ Still confused (after several times asking and receiving the same answer) I had him bring me the case, AHHHHHH SAFARI Rescue… LOL!

Kisses & Hugs… 
When leaving my parents house the other day, papa (my dad) told the boys to have fun with Rachel and Audrey tomorrow (they babysit on Mondays). He told them to make sure that they tickled Rachel and that they should give Audrey a kiss. To which Caleb said, “Brubber, you get to tickle Rachel. I will give Audrey the kiss!” Man he is only 3…

The HOT Tub…
Over the weekend we went swimming at a hotel. My boys are not such a fan of hot water (they even take baths in lukewarm water) so when Caiden walked over to the hot tub I warned him not to get in. Not listening, he stuck his foot in in promptly shrieked, “The water is really, really, REALLY hot! I don’t like hot tubs!” The response from Caleb, “I told you to get in the COLD tub, Brubber!”

BAAAAA…. Where’s the Shleep?
One of the boy’s conversation early morning conversations (fall 2009)… Caiden: “Caleb?” Caleb: “Shhhh, brubber, I a shleep!”  Caiden: “You are not a sheep!”   Caleb: “NO! I am ASHLEEP!” Caiden: “NO! You are not a sheep, you are a boy.”  Caleb: “No, I’m not! I’m a mooch (his nickname)!”

Thanks for Coming
It is amazing how much kids hear a phrase in a certain situation and then repeat it, even if the situation is not quite the same.  For example, Caiden recently learned the phrase, ‘Thanks for coming’.  He knows that he hears it when he leaves grammy and papa’s house and when grammy leaves his house, so in his mind it fits whenever someone is leaving no matter who it is and from where they are leaving.  So the other day we were spending some time at grammy and papa’s… about half-way through the day uncle Clete got ready to leave for school and as he was walking out the door Caiden happily chriped, ‘See you later Clete!  Thanks for coming!’  Even after an explanation from Clete that he lived in the house, not Caiden, Caiden again said, ‘Thanks for coming!’ as Clete walked out the door.

Crushing Pop Cans
I was outside crushing pop cans and Caiden was helping me by picking the crushed ones up and throwing them in the recyling bin. Well Caleb watched for a while and then decided that he didn’t want to help, but he did want to really bug his brother. You see, the bin had this lid that flipped open when you released the latch and would stay open unless you closed it. Well Caiden would open the lid, wait for me to smash a can, pick up the can and throw it in the bin.

This went on for a while then it started… when Caiden would turn his back to the bin to pick up a smashed can, Caleb would slam the lid closed. Caiden would then turn around and see the lid closed and see that Caleb had done it, so he would reach over push Caleb down (who would then start crying) re-open the bin and throw the can inside. Wouldn’t you know it, the minute Caiden turned to get another can, Caleb would stand back up and slam the lid shut again. He would then get this look on his face like he was going to start crying (since he knew that Caiden would push him over again) and wait. Sure enough… Caiden turned around, saw the lid closed, got flusterred, pushed Caleb over, opened the bin and then threw the next can away.

What do you know, it started again. This slaming, crying face, flusterring, pushing, opening and throwing away continued and continued and continued. It would have kept going on until I was done with the lids but I finally stopped it. Yet after all that the next minute the boys were laughing and hugging and playing together again. Ah, brothers.

Cover Your Mouth

Recently both boys had a cold with some pretty severe coughing.  We were working with Caiden during that time in covering up his mouth when he started coughing and he started to pick it up, but there were the occasional times that he would still forget.  One of those times uncle Clete was over at our house when Caiden started a coughing fit.  Caiden forgot to cover his mouth so Clete reminded him.  After Clete’s prompting Caiden immediately grabbed Clete’s hand and covered his mouth to finish his coughing fit.  It grossed uncle Clete out, we just found it funny:)

Saw Dust Blowing
The boys have been well schooled that when you use power tools there is a certain amount of sawdust that is created… Well what are you supposed to do with it?  Why blow it away of course!  The other day Caiden tracked dust out of the bathroom into the kitchen (the only carpeted room in the house) and left a dust trail as he walked.  Immediately Caleb saw this, got down on his hands and knees and began blowing trying to blow away the piles of saw dust:)

The Air Conditioner
When he was little Caiden loved his ‘inner dishkinner’ a lot, translation ‘air conditioner’!  To this day (he is now 5 and a half, he still calls it an air dishkinner ;)

My Candy Cup
At our fall party for work it was Dr. Kindig’s idea to let the kids decorate their own specimen cup (filled with candy) as a fun activity… The young kids thought it was fun, the older kids thought it was disgusting… well last week I had to have some blood work done and took Caiden with me… When I was done with the blood work they game me a speciman cup for a sample and Caiden immediately shouted, “That’s my candy cup!  Where did you find it?”.  Imagine the look on the lab techs faces… yeah, it was priceless… also very difficult to explain to a 4 year old that it wasn’t his candy cup and what it was for… :)

Spelling Word for the Day…
Grammy was being funny with the boys last night (she claims it is her right because she had to be ‘good’ as a mom for so many years)… Caiden loves to try and spell every word he hears… well she told him that the spelling word for the day was ‘F-A-R-T’ not expecting him to sound it out correctly… but he immediately started saying, ‘fart, fart, fart, I love to fart’…

Oh, boys ;) 
The other day I was reading with Caiden when he came across the word ‘But’ in a sentence.  After reading the word he immediately stopped and yelled, “I have one of those!” and then he laughed.  He still stops now after he reads the word and smiles and giggles… boys;)

Your Name is Mud
Grammy told Caiden the other night that if he spilled his pop on her his new name would be mud.  Caiden immediately spelled out the word, M-U-D.  Then papa asked him if he knew what grammy meant. “Yes,” he said. “Caleb has to be careful or we will get mud on him.”  Papa made some comment about lost in translation when Caiden again spoke up and said… “First you need dirt and water, then you get mud! Caleb will be so dirty!”  Boy, did he make grammy and papa laugh!


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