Design and Set-up in WordPress

Recently I have been doing more and more designs and set-up using WordPress as the CMS.  It has been challenging to learn a new set of programming skills, but fun (since I did go to school for that sort of thing).  I have also enjoyed the challenge of coming up with more new and fresh […]


Reviews, Testimonials & Stories

Reviews & Testimonials

The Lord has blessed us with the ability to share our talents with people around us and we aim to give the glory to Him.  Recently he has opened doors for us to work and partner with new businesses and organizations and soon I hope to have a page up with stories from our current […]


Q & A with K.D. Dezine

Q & A with K.D. Dezine

There are so many different places (both online and locally) that offer custom web and print design work.  We thought that we would take some time and share what sets K.D. Dezine apart from those places.  Of course we are biased in our opinions, but if you send us more questions we will answer them […]


What I do…

I have multiple things that I do when I am not doing free-lance design work.  I would LOVE for this to be my full-time job, BUT as of right now I just don’t have that many clients.  So with all my spare time I try to juggle my day job, my family, coaching basketball and […]

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