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Heartbeat of Lima (Lima, Ohio – website)

Thank you for the wonderful work that you have done with our website and our donations! I just want to let you know that I had to the radio station in Leipsic for an interview yesterday. It was actually an hour “talk show” like interview. He had his computer in front of him and he kept referring to our web site and telling the audience how nice it was and that they need to check it our…. throughout the hour he kept referring back to it. You did a great job! Thank you!

Jill A. Duling, freelance writer (former editor of Bluffton magazine, Bluffton (Ohio) University)

Because my expertise is writing and smart copy, I’m always relieved to find and work with a collaborative designer who can take my ideas and make design recommendations based on her experience, creativity and knowledge of current design principles. Kristin is such a designer. You won’t be disappointed.

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