There are so many different places (both online and locally) that offer custom web and print design work.  We thought that we would take some time and share what sets K.D. Dezine apart from those places.  Of course we are biased in our opinions, but if you send us more questions we will answer them with honesty!  So read on to find out who K.D. Dezine is, what we have to offer and how the process works!

What makes K.D. Dezine different from other web/print design places?
We strive to offer you the highest quality in designs to fit your every need.  All our designs our custom made in house so that your finished product will be unique to you alone!  We work closely with you the client and pride ourselves at getting to know you so that we may fill your design needs to the best of our ability. Besides that, we offer these designs to you at a fraction of the cost of most other design firms in the area!

I found places online that offer CHEAP custom designs, what makes you different?
When you find a place online that offers ‘cheap’ web design, you are in essence getting a cookie cutter model.  They have many designs already created and their ‘custom’ means putting in your logo and company name.

K.D. Dezine specializes in custom designs to fit your needs and your style.  We strive to learn your design style (through meetings, questionnaires and talking), your likes and your dislikes.  Then we strive to create a design that reflects your style.

You get what you pay for.

If you are looking for someone to partner with you and give you something that not only fits your needs, but displays who you are and what you are about, check into our web or print designs!  They are custom built especially for you!

How does the design process work?
We have a preset pattern (work flow) for the design clients that we work with. But note, this pattern can be deviated to fit your individual needs.  During the process, we work closely with you and get to know you, in order to serve you better.  If you were to sign up for a custom design, the steps to the process would look a lot like the following [READ MORE]…

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