What is Bridges?

Bridges is a caring support group whose goal is to promote parenting and life skills through classes, practical help, and emotional support.

Who is the Bridges program for?

Bridges is for anyone who is either pregnant or has recently had a baby and is looking for support and assistance.

You are not required to join Bridges to receive assistance from Heartbeat, however there are many advantages to being a member of Bridges:

  1. You gain valuable education in parenting and life skills.
  2. You do not need a referral for diapers and formula.
  3.  You may shop one time a week instead of being limited to three visits per year.
  4.  Only Bridges members are allowed to shop in the boutique.
  5.  You meet other people who have young children.
  6.  Heartbeat’s staff is there for mentoring and help.
  7.  You can earn the items you need for your child.
  8.  You learn more about all the resources in the area to help you and your child.


When does Bridges meet?

After you register for Bridges, you will be attending one class each month. There are three identical classes held, and you select which of these classes to attend. These classes last approximately one hour. There are many other ways to earn additional “Mommy Money.” Please call us with any questions you may have at 419-222-7945.