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1186892_10152643364377195_1911830762_nWelcome to the Davis Family Website.  It is combination blog & family site with updates on our family, pictures, news and information and more.  Below is an update to what we have been up to for a while (or maybe longer then a while, but I am not sure what to call that).

Currently I (Kristin) work part-time for Women’s Health for Life, Inc (Lima, OH) as a computer specialist.  I also been blessed to work some out of the home as a free-lance graphic designer (K.D. Dezine).  One day, and I am praying that it is soon, I am hoping that I will be able to stay at home full-time and just do design work from home.   This year we will be homeschooling all 3 boys, which will be an adventure, especially with our little princess on the move. I also am the head basketball coach for the girls varsity team at Temple Christian in Lima, Ohio.

My husband (Kyle) is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently employed by U.S. Plastics Corp (Lima, OH).  He spends almost all of his free time working to fix up the house that we purchased a few years ago (it doesn’t help that I keep coming up with cool new plans for the construction as it moves forward).  Playing ball outside with the boys and grilling are two other things that he does quite a bit of.  But more than anything he LOVES football season (says that football should be a recognized season like Spring, Summer, etc.).  He is a HUGE Buckeyes fan, but also cheers for the Indians and the Browns.

All three boys are a joy and lots of fun to be around.  Caiden is almost 10 and will be heading into the 5th grade.  His interests include weather, survival skills and science.  He is very excited about starting Algebra and can’t wait to get there in the near future.   Caleb is my little dare devil and athlete and is 7 years old.  He is ALWAYS running, jumping, flipping, diving, playing, throwing and so much more.  He loves football and CAN’T WAIT until he is old enough to play on a team.  He is also very interested in history and loves to dress up and act out adventures from time periods (knights and medieval, pilgrims and pioneers and so on).  Keegan is 5 and his working hard to do everything just like his big brother Caleb.  The two of them (if left alone) can get into a lot of trouble.  He will be starting school this next year and currently LOVES Mike Wazowski and Monsters Inc.  He also enjoys playing his tablet.

The biggest change to our family in this past year was the addition of our little princess Kyiah. She has been a huge blessing and the boys are the ever doting big brothers. It has been interesting having a baby around after four and a half years, but the boys are a big help with her and love her tons. She can bring a smile to anyone’s face when they are feeling down. It is also rather interesting have pink in the house for the first time.

We currently reside in Columbus Grove (my childhood hometown) and live very close to Grammy & Papa and not to far from Grandma Sue & Grandpa John (who live in Findlay).  The boys love their family and it is blessing to have so many so near.  They currently have a 5 cousins (Teaghen, Channing, Braelynn, Ryker & Leyton), though the boys right now reside in Pittsburgh.  Our extended family is rather spread out and the aunts and uncles live in places like Columbus; Pandora; Cincinnati; Pittsburgh, PA; Austin, TX and Aberdeen, SD (where we will be visiting this summer). We are blessed to have such an awesome family and thank God for the opportunity that he has provided us with as a family to live, serve and be a witness for Him to ALL around us!

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