What is K.D. Dezine?

K.D. Dezine’s biggest goal is to provide high-quality design products at reasonable rates! We work with both businesses and individuals who are looking for design assistance! The services we offer are comparable to those of large design firms, but at a fraction of the cost to you!

// Our Rule of Thumb \\
We have had the privilege of working with companies and individuals across the country. No matter who you are we strive to live and serve by the Golden Rule, to treat you with the highest of regards and better then we want to be treated ourselves! We strive to provide high quality, top of the line designs for both print and web at prices that won’t break your budget!

God has blessed us with this ability so we long to glorify Him in all that we do and look forward to seeing where He takes us in the future. So if you are interested in anything from t-shirts to websites, posters to business cards, postcards to flash development we have what you need. Take some to look at some of our past and current projects, then contact us to see how we can assist you!

// The Evolution of Design \\
A good designer will grow in his or her designs as time goes on. Not only will their stuff be fresh and new, but they will push the limits of design. We strive to stay on top of current design trends and patterns and pass along to you the highest in quality and cutting edge designs to meet your every need.

We don’t want to just be a company that recycles and reuses old designs, but one that strives to fit your every need and take your website or print project to the next level. Together we aim to help you reach a point where you will not be in need of a new design in the next year or even two. We want your design to not only fit you, but to still feel up to date and fresh a year from now.

We look forward to assisting you in your future design ventures!

// History of K.D. Dezine \\
One of my passions (and a favorite hobby of my husband’s) is design work. I have always loved to create and to learn and grow. While my husband was in seminary in Dallas, TX I started to branch out and pick up clients for which I could do free-lance design work. I have designed ads, business cards, logos, postcards, posters, websites and more.

In recent years God has brought more than a few people across my path and has enabled me to provide high-quality designs for a fraction of the price that they would pay larger companies. He has continued to grow my business since our move back to Ohio and has provided some long term design relationships with several area businesses and universities! My goal is to grow to the point where I will be able to work completely from home in the future, so that I may be around my family more.

Take some time to see what I have been working on lately and some of my current clients. And if you or anyone you know of are in need of some sort of design work, be sure to pass along my name!  Thanks!

// Designer & Owner – Kristin Davis \\
I am a graduate of Ohio Northern University where I majored in Computer Science.  Even though I was more on the ‘geeky’ tech side of the computer spectrum, my true desire was to be more involved in the design area.  I started out as a minor in Art at ONU also, but ended up only taking a few classes.

After graduation, in 2003, I moved to Dallas, TX with my husband (where he attended Seminary).  I was hired in at a local Christian design and marketing firm (Artistry Marketing Concepts, LLC) as their ‘Web Freak’.  Initially I did all of their website development, but over the four years that I worked there they gave me more and more design work and experience with everything from print to web design and some printing expertise!

I appreciate my time down there, but as the first of my three sons was born I knew that I wanted to be able to be at home more with my children.  God started growing in me the desire to start my own free-lance design business and He provided me a few monthly/yearly clients while I was still living in Dallas.  Upon moving back home my business has grown.  Not the the point where I am full-time, but I hope to get there in the future!

If you decided to have K.D. Dezine partner with you in your future design ventures, I personally guarantee you that we will treat you with the highest respect.  We will strive to get to know you, your style, your personality, so that your design will be personal and fit you and/or your company!  I work hard to stay on top of design trends and to learn the newest software out there in order to serve you, the customer, better!

Jesus Christ is my passion, but design work is something that I dearly love and I hope that shines through in all my work and communications with you!  God bless!

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